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任性不羈 uncompromising expression

The House of Alexander McQueen is distinctive for its innovative and uncompromising expression of unbridled creativity. Integral to the Alexander McQueen culture is the juxtaposition between the feminine and the masculine, fragility and strength, romance and rebellion, man and machine.

AKK, we are honored to have the opportunity to provide TOPCIMENT wall & floor microcement solutions in their new shop at World Trade Centre, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

亞歷山大·麥昆(Alexander McQueen)品牌以超凡脫俗的創意與任性不羈的表達而標新立異。品牌文化與標誌是鮮明對比的系列元素之完美融合:陰柔與陽剛、脆弱與力量、浪漫與叛逆、人與機器。

AKK - 我們有幸為他們位於香港銅鑼灣世貿中心的新店,以世界知名的微水泥品牌TOPCIMENT, 為他們提供牆身及地台微水泥無縫藝術飾面。

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