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Microcement 微水泥

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Alexander McQueen

Floor Microcement, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

地台微水泥, 銅鑼灣, 香港

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Central Park 帝柏海灣

Wall & Ceiling Microcement, Olympic, Hong Kong

天花 & 牆身微水泥, 奧運, 香港


Y83 Hostel Y83 學生宿舍

Floor Rusty Microcement, HungHom, Hong Kong

地台生鏽微水泥, 紅磡, 香港

topciment toilet.jpg

Microcement Bathroom


Bathroom Wall & Floor Microcement, Hong Kong

浴室牆身地台微水泥, 香港

Topciment World Trade Centre.jpg

World Trade Centre (Hong Kong)

世貿中心 (香港)

Exterior Wall & Ceiling Microcement,

Causeway Bay, Hong Kong 

外牆微水泥, 銅鑼灣, 香港


Private Kitchen 私人廚房

Kitchen Microcement, Wanchai, Hong Kong

廚房微水泥, 灣仔, 香港


AKK, is the authorized Solo Distributor of TT Topciment® (made in Spain 🇪🇸 ) microcement in Hong Kong. We not only offer the best quality supply and install of microcement in Hong Kong, we also sell TT Topciment® product.

AKK,我們是 TT Topciment® 香港的授權獨家經銷商。 我們所有使用的 TT Topciment® 微水泥物料均於西班牙🇪🇸生產 。我們除了提供最優勢的 TT Topciment® 施工外, 亦會零售 TT Topciment 材料。


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用途,類型,應用和優點 Topciment 微水泥 是一種裝飾塗層,由水泥,水基樹脂,添加劑和礦物顏料組成,由於其極好的附著力,可用於多種垂直和水平表面。這種裝飾材料脫穎而出,是因為它可以直接應用於現有的材料:瓷磚、石膏板、大理石、水磨石或灰泥等等。幾乎不做任何拆除工作,厚度只有3毫米,因此可以對空間進行快速翻新。






What is microcement? Uses, types, application and advantages

Microcement Topciment is a decorative coating composed of cement, water-based resins, additives and mineral pigments that can be applied on a multitude of vertical and horizontal surfaces thanks to its great adherence. This construction material stands out because it is applied directly onto existing materials: tiles, plasterboard, floor tiles, marble, terrazzo or plaster, among many others. With hardly any work and a thickness of only 3 millimetres, a rapid renovation of spaces is achieved.

A cutting-edge cladding, jointless and suitable for both outdoor and indoor spaces. A continuous cladding that can be applied on floors, walls, stairs, ceilings, swimming pools and even furniture. Its versatility has led to its increasing presence in the refurbishment of private homes and in commercial premises and large surfaces such as sports centres, industrial buildings, hotels and restaurants.

Topciment offers you a wide range of possibilities and decorative finishes, where you set the limit. Give rooms a unique and personal character thanks to the different textures (thick, medium or thin); the wide variety of microcement colours; and the different finishes that our varnishes and metallic coatings allow.

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