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Cleaning and Maintenance


Causeway Bay 銅鑼灣

Shatin 沙田

Cleaning and Maintenance


One of the most frequently asked questions about this decorative coating is how to clean microcement. Although the cleaning of microcement is simple and with water and neutral soap is more than enough, in Topciment we have created exclusive products for cleaning and care of microcement to obtain better results over time. 

The care of microcement is similar to that of natural wood parquet. It is advisable to avoid permanent waterlogging and prolonged contact with humidity. We must avoid leaving wet carpets and towels on the floor or pots that leak liquid. The surface should also be kept free of stones or grit, which can scratch the coating when stepped on. Avoid bumping and rubbing against hard objects. 

Although microcement is highly resistant to chemical products, microcement should be cleaned with neutral soaps, never with aggressive products or descaling agents. Avoid products such as chlorine, bleach, ammonia, soaps and detergents in general, as they can damage the protective film.

Initial care

Microcement reaches the desired values of hardness, chemical resistance and waterproofing one month after application. The greatest risk of damage is in the first two weeks. It will be trafficable with great care two days after sealing of the pavements, and trafficable as normal one week later. 

We recommend avoiding dragging heavy objects to avoid damaging the surface. To move furniture: it is better to lift and support, never drag. It is necessary to protect the floor from furniture (metal legs, sharp surfaces), and from objects with abrasive contact surfaces or of considerable weight, with covers or felts.

Permanent care

Specialised products for cleaning microcement

Although water and neutral soap are enough to clean microcement, both floors and walls, at Topciment we offer specialised products for cleaning microcement, which enhance even more the durability of the optimal state of this innovative coating.

Cleaning microcement with Ecoclean Pro

At Topciment we also have Ecoclean Pro, an environmentally friendly, alkaline detergent cleaner. A feature that leads to the need to use protection to clean microcement on walls and floors, which is why it is intended for purely professional use.

Ecolean Pro is highly recommended for cleaning garages or workshops, hotels, restaurant kitchens, hospitals, hotels, airports, shopping centres and other large surfaces. Unlike Ecoclean Basic, its degreasing power is much higher, and it is therefore able to remove practically all stains and marks. Even the most difficult and persistent ones such as tyre marks, release agents, pollution, soot, limescale, oil, food residues, grease, blood, etc.

As for its application on microcement walls or microcement floors, it can be appliedboth concentrated and diluted in waterdepending on the degree of soiling of the surface. In the case of diluting the cleaner with water and then spraying it on the surface to be treated, the product should be left to act for 5 to 15 minutes. Once this time has elapsed, wipe with a cloth or wipe and then rinse with water. 

We recommend periodically maintaining microcement floors with Ceraciment or Ceraciment PRO or acrylic waxes. The frequency of waxing will depend on the use and characteristics of the location (traffic, surrounding dust, etc). We recommend the use of wiping mops to ensure correct application of the product.


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